A Tradition of Service

Carmack Insurance was founded in 1925 by Roy Leonard Carmack, a farmer from the "sprawling metropolis" of Dana, Indiana. R.L. left the farm and ventured west to pursue his formal education at Occidental College in California. It was here that he met and married his wife, Ann. After the birth of their son, George, the Carmack Family moved backed to Dana.


In 1921, R.L. realized that life on the farm was not for him. A friend who knew of his desire to leave this bucolic lifestyle persuaded him to enter the Life Insurance Industry with a company in Indianapolis, Indiana. His step from the farm to the city was followed by a leap to Seattle, Washington when, after a brief stay as a State Agent, the cold weather sent the entire Carmack Clan "home" to Southern California.

It was then, in 1925, that Carmack Insurance was founded.

As with any new business, survival was the first priority during these early years. As the Great Depression was not the ideal time to start any new business venture, survival was even more challenging.

Following his education at U.C.L.A. and 35 missions as a B-17 pilot over Europe, George N. Carmack joined the Agency. The focus of Carmack Insurance soon began to change from Life Insurance to Commercial-Industrial Business Package and Workers' Compensation coverages.

Captain and the kids

In the early 60's R.L. and Ann retired and moved to Orange County where he saw a tremendous growth potential and quickly made plans to open a branch office. Unfortunately, ill health prevented such a venture.

After graduation from U.C.L.A. and training at Industrial Indemnity Insurance, Jim. Carmack entered the firm as the third generation of Carmack Insurance. In 1979, Jim implemented the establishment of the Orange County branch in Newport Beach as envisioned by his grandfather almost twenty years earlier.

Today, Carmack Insurance has evolved into a full service Insurance and Risk Management Firm with a wide range of Insurance products and services.

We are a fully automated agency with direct data-line connections between our offices in Pasadena, Los Angeles and Newport Beach, as well as on-line access to our Insurance Carriers and their resources. This allows our staff at either branch complete and immediate access to all policy, accounting and claim information. Our multiple branch system allows us to service a far wider geographical range than most local Regional Insurance Brokerages.

We are proud of our long history of loyal and professional service since 1925.